Spare Parts for Industrial Kitchens

The spare parts for Industrial kitchens distributed by RBA – Spare Parts include components from the most important brands on the market, specifically designed to meet the needs of the HORECA sector.

RBA offers spare parts for professional kitchens, mainly for equipment and appliances used to carry out various activities related to food preparation and processing, including:

Spare parts for food cooking equipment - Food cooking in commercial and industrial kitchens is a process that involves the use of specific equipment and techniques to cook large quantities of food efficiently and safely.

In the HORECA sector and other sectors where professional kitchens are used, RBA provides spare parts for equipment used in commercial and industrial kitchens to cook food, such as stoves, ovens, hobs, grills, fryers and many other appliances.

Food Washing Equipment Spares Parts - In commercial kitchens, food washing is a very important process that requires the use of specific equipment and techniques to ensure food safety and prevent bacterial contamination.

RBA supplies spare parts for food washing equipment used in commercial and industrial kitchens, including dedicated sinks for washing fresh produce, industrial dishwashers, salad spinners, vacuum machines, and other specialist equipment.

Spare parts for dynamic food preparation equipment - RBA Spare Parts supplies spare parts for food preparation equipment used in professional and industrial contexts, such as food processors, mixers, mincers, slicers, graters and juicers.

As part of the Slayer Blades Group, RBA Spare Parts offers a complete range of blades for professional and industrial slicers at the best prices, all made in Italy using German steel and exclusive processes that guarantee high performance and quality.

Spare Parts for Food Refrigeration Equipment - RBA supplies spare parts to commercial kitchens for food refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, upright fridges, refrigerated counters and refrigerated display cases. Spare parts required for this equipment can include thermostats, compressors, fans, door seals, filters and evaporators.

RBA Spare Parts also offers a wide range of thermal transfer related products such as thermal heads, ribbons, inkjets and hot stamping ribbons.

Why choose RBA spares?

Customers who choose RBA find:

  • A wide range of high-quality spare parts for industrial and commercial kitchens
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast delivery
  • A personal service offering accurate and comprehensive support